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modified hitler painting
available in any form on redbubble

strange thing where its really late and ive been awake for four hours in bed with my eyes closed. something kicks in that gives the same sort of visuals that dreams do, reactive, volatile images. the lack of visual stimulation means these images react to
•sense of touch
one time your body was there and that meant these images were extremely vivid but not fleeting
they were stable like you were

Temple of Artemis

theres going to be severe job redundancies when my salt lick business moves to the web

you said i wouldn’t run out of tape and convinced me to bind our legs together and now all i have left is this stupid cylinder of cardboard

cop inside another cop
im now peddling stuff on redbubble if you want some trendy shit like this on a shirt or a case or whatever
filing through my secret archives remembering when i could